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The importance of the maintenance of your place Web

La importancia del mantenimiento de tu sitio web

Almost nothing is mentioned about the maintenance that web pages require. There is no doubt that technology and the Internet are constantly changing and evolving., and that causes a new web page to become completely obsolete within a few months of putting it into operation.

Maintaining a website is not easy. The reason is that most of the people out there do not offer a quality service and will eventually destroy your site or extort money from you. However, this article can help you avoid these situations by offering tips on how to maintain your website.

Technology and the Internet are constantly evolving, changing, and updating. This is a simple fact that many people who create and promote websites take for granted. Due to this neglect, entire sites can go up and become outdated or ineffective within a few months of launch.

Objectives of web maintenance

  • Correct failures in the server or Hosting: In this section, various tasks are carried out, such as server management, databases, management and review of corporate emails and eliminate vulnerabilities if they exist. This is a fundamental part of the process, to keep your website 100 % operational.
  • Upgrade: This is where we get to the root of the website, as well as the template and plugins that are being used. Being up to date allows you to better adapt to the changes that constantly arise on the internet.
  • Content enhancements: Add and improve content on the website and the Blog, it is recommended to include new texts and images of better quality, without a doubt it will help refresh the corporate image and information that customers have about your company.
  • security checks: HTTPS encryption must be verified, broken links must be corrected, in addition to verifying the operation of passwords for access to corporate emails and hosting.
  • SEO optimization and improvements: The loading speed should be checked, and your website must be up to date and without errors. Images, files, any complement that allows to improve this section and offer excellent functionality.


The Internet is a place that is constantly changing, and the practices that are used today may be out of date tomorrow., for this reason, you have to adapt and improve so that your visitors notice the difference.

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