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Corporate Mail
Set up my email in an app
Manual configuration in: Outlook, Mail, Thunderbird, etc.

Protocol Port Setting
POP (input) 995/SSL
IMAP (inbound) 993/SSL
SMTP (outbound) 465/SSL

About sending mass mails
The sending of mass emails with this service is not allowed, in case you need to send mass emails you must resort to the use of an external service for sending newsletters such as: Mailchimp, Mailerlite or Brevo.
Capacity of each email account
The corporate mail service has a capacity of 01 GB or 10 GB per mailbox (depends on the plan you hire).
Can I increase the capacity of my email account?
Yes, you can expand the capacity of your email account from 1 Gb to 10 Gb, The cost for this additional is $30/account per year.
Access my email from any browser
Accounts with access via web mail that can be accessed from any browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge and Opera) at the following address
Details about the sending and receiving of my email account
The sending of emails is limited to 200 emails per hour and there are no limits regarding the reception.

Shipments (h/day) Shipments (h/day) Attach
200/500 p/mailbox 1000/2000 per domain 25MB for email

Configure your corporate email in Gmail or Hotmal (outlook)
You can use the Gmail or Hotmail (outlook) interface to send and receive emails with an email account that you create with your domain.
Backup in your corporate email accounts
It is the contracting party's responsibility to back up the information contained in each email account corresponding to his domino or company. This means that you should make regular copies of your messages and store them in a safe place.
Set up my corporate email in Gmail
You can use the Gmail interface to send and receive emails from your domain.
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Set up my email in Outlook
Set up your corporate email account in the Outlook application on your computer.
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Set up my email on an iPhone or iPad
Use your iPhone or iPad to send and receive your corporate email.
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Configure my email on Android
Use your Android phone or tablet to receive and send emails with your company's domain.
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First steps to have a website
We will request some images, texts and logos related to your project or business and that you would like to show on your site. We will contribute all our experience on the web so that your site is really effective.
Time it takes to develop a website
The delivery time is an average of 05 business days, from the moment you give us the data related to your business and depending on the amount of information to be incorporated and the number of corrections prior to the final publication, this time can be increased up to 10 business days.
What types of websites do we develop?
We will develop a professional quality site for your Company or Project in which you can highlight the characteristics of your business, project or products. In addition, to have an online chat, show images of products or services and much more. Pages in more than one language, purchase modules require an additional charge.
SEO optimization implementation
The advanced plan includes the installation and configuration of a plugin to improve the SEO of each page or blog article. In addition to the analysis and implementation of related keywords.
Send personalized campaigns
Attract subscribers, strengthen relationships with your clients or followers, automate workflows with the advanced features of the newsletter service. MailerLite.
Create attractive campaigns
Use our drag and drop editor with interactive content blocks, personalize your email with rich text, or create custom campaigns with the HTML editor.
Automate workflows
Use triggers to automatically send emails or update custom fields. Or set up RSS campaigns to notify subscribers about new content, and auto-forward campaigns to increase engagement.
What does the newsletter service include?
Up to 1,000 subscribers, 12,000 emails per month. Drag and drop editor. Email automation and much more.
Payments and Renewals
Online payments through the store
Online payment can be done through the section of our Online Store., only international TDD or TDC are accepted.
Payments in national currency (VED)
We accept payments in Bolívares through Banco Mercantil or through mobile payment.
Payment of new contracted service or renewal
All plans must be paid in full for the annual period to contract or renew. Necessary to guarantee the start or continuity of the service.
Payments through Zelle (USD)
We accept payments in Dollars (USD) through Zelle.