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That need for have a page Web?

¿Qué necesito para tener una página web?

With the arrival of the Internet and its growing foray into the area of business and services, having a website for our company or brand it has gone from being an option to becoming something really necessary and crucial.

If your business is not on the internet, it is possible that you are losing a large number of potential customers every day, that is why we will show you the different types of websites below to guide you in which one best suits your needs.

Types of web pages:

  • Corporate: where companies or brands show who they are, what they do, history, products, services, among other aspects.
  • Online store: where products or services are sold and include a shopping cart.
  • Blog and Informative: where one or several free topics, news, curiosities, etc. are discussed.
  • Personal- Where someone promotes your name, degrees earned, work experience, or a particular skill.
  • Educational: where knowledge is imparted or sold through multimedia content.

On the other hand, there are steps to follow to start the process of creating your project on the network, after determining what type of website you require, these steps are: the planning, design, domain, hosting or hosting and the security certificate, which we describe in detail below:

Planning and Design

Taking into account the above, the next step before requesting the design and creation of your Web page It is planning, it is important that you have defined what type of web page you need to develop, what kind of content you will show, to whom or what type of clients it will be directed and what aspect you would like to show.

The Domain

Once the planning and design of the content is ready, the next thing will be to choose the name of your domain and proceed with the registration. The domain is the address of your website, it is what we write in your browser when you want to go to a specific page, such as If the domain you want is already in use, you won't be able to register it, you can try the same name with a different extension (.net, .org, .ve) where it's available.


The next step will be to acquire a hosting service or web hosting. It is the space in which all the content of your website is stored, such as: the images, videos, animations and texts that are displayed on your page. These services are usually paid annually and their price range will be subject to the quality of the hosting, they can range between $50 and $150 per year. This will depend on how much space, corporate email accounts they offer you or if it also includes the SSL certificate for your domain.

Security certificate

It is an important element that is shown right next to the domain or address of your page, it is that small padlock that assures us that the website is secure in terms of data transfer. Not having one is usually taken by browsers as an unsafe page and also often influences web positioning.


It is important to highlight that we can help the idea of your project or business have a website optimized and modern that meets all current standards, to be able to show your products or services and reach many potential customers who seek solutions every day on the web.

We make sure that your website has all the elements and good practices to guarantee good web positioning. This is constantly monitored to include improvements and optimizations that allow each website designed by us to achieve top search engine rankings.

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