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All company ought have a name of domain

Toda empresa debería tener un nombre de dominio

When starting a business, you should invest in a .com, .net, .ve domain name, even if you don't plan to have a website in the short term, you can also use the domain for corporate email addresses. This is why: It would make it easy for customers to find you quickly on the web.

Your customers will find you 

Through Google searches you can locate your potential customers if you have active your domain with an updated website where you show your products or services. Sure, buying a domain is not all you need to have a website. You will also need to buy web hosting so that your website can run on a computer or server. 

Gain legitimacy for your business

Most people won't find your website by typing your domain into their browser; they are much more likely to find your site through a search. You might think that means domain names don't matter anymore, but that's not the case. Google, for example, highlights domain names in search results.

Always be in control

A domain name is something you control as long as you continue to pay for annual renewals. The same cannot be said for other pages such as Facebook or Twitter, in case your company or business only has one profile on those social networks. 

For example Facebook is famous for regularly changing the way its service works and sometimes these new rules can negatively influence your company's profile. But a domain name is something that you control. If that domain is linked to a website you control, even better. Don't underestimate the value of that. 

Have email addresses

Buying a domain is not just about websites, you can also use them for email addresses. This means that instead of an address ending with or, email addresses can end with a domain owned by your business, such as 

Emails that come from your business domain, and not from a free email service, are viewed as more legitimate and professional by the contacting customer.

The silver lining is that it can Give employees an address ending in @, which you in turn can control should they leave the company. 

There is no need to overthink this: We can help you obtain and manage the domain for your company or business, what are you waiting for?

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